Press Quotes

“The revelation is Michael’s voice.What’s extraordinary is the singer’s presentation;one of those voices tailor-made to travel far and wide in the world of adult pop.

Billboard Magazine

“one of the most striking singers to emerge in the last few years… a voice filled with mellifluous shadings that rivets the listener.”

John Hoglund, BackStage Magazine


“Written in the Stars…A beautifully realized recording…Thrilling…”
# 1 Male CD of the Year”

David Hurst, ShowBusiness Weekly


“Written in the Stars …CD of the Year!!! One of the most gorgeously crafted works I’ve ever heard…FOUR STARS”

Jeff Rossen, Cabaret Scenes


“A master craftsman of the intimate ballad…this album oozes class”

Cabaret Showcase, London, U.K.


“His sweet voice and uncluttered vocalizing is a lyricist’s dream”

HX Magazine


“Michael’s charismatic tenor and savy way make cabaret standards swing anew…One of the top six independent albums of the year”

The Advocate


“A compelling and beautiful voice with great power and clarity.”

Michael Feinstein


“a cunning ability to cut to the interpretive heart of a song.”

Howard Reich, The Chicago Tribune


“His delivery, every nuance of every word comes from the soul”

Richard Edgecomb, WDVR, Trenton


“A marvelous voice”

Ron Della Chiesa, WGBH Radio Boston


“This guy is great–Period!”

KXPR-FM, Scaramento, CA.


“Tom Michael’s rich, bright, versatile, and powerful instrument is what an angel’s voice must sound like.”

Buzz Bellmont, Houston Chronicle on “Let Me Be Your Home” CD


“Michael might look like an altar boy, but possesses a powerful nighttime cabaret voice. His lithe and supple voice soars.”

Chicago Free Press


“One of America’s Great Talents”

Kevin Moore (WJJG-AM)

“One of the most compelling duos in cabaret today”

The Chicago Tribune


“Sizzling”….”pure brilliance”….”cabaret at its best!”

New York Cabaret Scenes Magazine


“The thunderous applause that broke out at the end of their performance, as the entire crowd rose to their feet clearly demonstrated that the patrons wanted more. It would be an honor for any presenter to have them on their stage.”

Brett Batterson, Executive Director, Auditorium Theatre, Chicago


“The best cabaret duo I have ever seen… a divine intervention of musical genius”

Buzz Bellmont, Houston Chronicle


“Joyful….fabulously funny… an evening that you will never forget. Can I get an Amen for Beckie Menzie & Tom Michael?”

Deep Dish Groovy Music on “Isn’t It Iconic?”


“Stunning, hilarious, intimate and raw. The unexpected is what has set Menzie & Michael apart…Superb cabaret entertainers”

NYC Cabaret Scenes Magazine on “That 60′s Show”